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This is the official Rank and Rent SEO course presale (limited time price).

In this 9 part video course you will get actionable lessons from two SEO experts ranking on the first page of Google for the subject, Chase Reiner and Cameron Parsinejad.

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If you enter the presale now, every single one of these videos will be made live so that you can follow along and ask questions!

The course outline is as follows:

Video 1: Choosing a Niche and Figuring out Monetization

  • How to decypher the various niches and monetization methods along with their different pros and cons.

  • How to find good affiliate offers.

  • Recommendations for monetizing your site.

  • Learning the basics of pay per lead.

  • How to do billing and selling.

  • How to sell your site (if you choose to)

I am thoroughly impressed with the training that is provided by Chase Reiner. Not only is Chase incredibly knowledgeable but he is also extremely good at conveying this - making the subject really interesting, engaging and accessible. He explains technical concepts very simply, dispels commonly-held myths, and offers lots of insight and good advice as to how to improve your website. I would not hesitate to recommend his courses to anyone wanting to understand more about SEO today.
— Steven Serfes
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Ranked and Sold For $3,000

Video 2: Local SEO Keyword Research

  • How to figure out the pros and cons of selecting smaller areas vs larger areas.

  • How to map your keywords out to your existent and non existent landing pages.

  • How to identify low hanging fruit that will bring you traffic and conversions.

  • How to expand from local to national to hack your authority.

Great products, even better teacher. If you are looking for higher level SEO tips and tactics, Chase is your guy. Nothing less of an SEO expert, Chase has the deepest understanding for SEO, especially in the local SEO space.
My hats off to this man, he is a smart cookie and you should follow him. Big things coming his way!
— Jack Lombardi
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That actually works…

Video 3: Picking a Domain

  • The pros and cons of auction domains vs expired domains vs new keyword focused domains.

  • How to research an expired or auction domain for spam and power.

  • Recommendations for picking a domain.

Chase is an excellent SEO specialist with in-depth knowledge of SEO. I’ve learned so much from his courses, and just his advice. I also think he’s a wonderful person from a personal level. His attitude is very positive & helpful, and there doesn’t seem to be a question that he doesn’t know the answer to.
— Dresean Ryan

Video 4: Building out THE site

  • The pros an cons of creating an authority site with multiple maps listings, or just a simple site.

  • Whether it’s worth it to build out extra content or not.

  • The importance of diversifying your sites.

  • How you should host your sites.

  • Recommendations for building out the site.


  • Basics to optimizing local pages.

  • How to optimized based off factual data rather then guessing.

  • How to do local schema markup.

  • How to write optimized content.

  • Getting an edge over your competition.

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Over $1,000 Worth Of New Leads Every Month!

Video 6: Google Maps and Bing Verification

  • How to get verified without an address.

  • Physical addresses vs service areas.

  • How to do your citations if you don’t have an address.

I thought i had a good understanding of SEO, but then I met Chase. His courses are excellent for beginners who are just looking to start out, intermediate and even more advanced SEO folks working on mastering their craft. Chase’s courses cover just about every topic and strategy to help you in getting your sites to dominate.
— Joe Maracic

Video 7. Basic Link Building (white hat)

  • Citations.

  • Social Profiles.

  • Foundation links.

I own a digital marketing agency ( and have been implementing Chase’s training for the better part of 2 years and I can honestly say he’s actually helped me deliver major results for my clients. I actually have my 12 year old son going thru Chases Trainings with me so he can learn as well. thanks Chase my family and my customer’s appreciate you.
— Lamont Revell Sr.

Video 8: GMB and Social Profile Optimization

  • How to properly optimize your pictures, categories, address, and NAP.

  • The importance of NAP consistency.

  • How to streamline the process.

Chase is an extremely knowledgeable instructor when it comes to SEO training and optimization. He helped me tremendously in my marketing efforts as a Yoga and retreat leader. His teaching style is fun, interesting and very innovative. Highly recommended!
— Modern Conversation

Video 9: Still Not Ranking? Here’s What To Do Next

  • Building national authority.

  • Review generation.

  • Building controllable assets and siphoning traffic.