How To See Your Subscriber Count On Youtube

Finding out your subscriber count on YouTube is a simple process that takes a small amount of time and effort.

Below are a few simple steps you need to follow in order to find out your subscriber count depending on what device you are using.

Viewing Your Subscriber Count On Desktop

Step 1. Open up and click on “Sign In” (it’s on top right corner of the screen)

Step 2. Enter your email-Id & password and click on login.

Step 3. After you are inside your Youtube account, click on “the icon of your account“(It on the top right corner)

Step 4. You ll see a drop down menu, click on “Creator Studio“.

Step 5. Once you’re inside Creator Studio, click on “Community” (It’s on Left side of your screen)


Step 6. It will expand and You’ll see “Subscriber“ option in it, click on it!


Step 7. You should be seeing your subscriber count on the screen now.


Viewing Your Subscriber Count On Desktop(Youtube beta)

Step 1. Open up and click on “Sign In.”


Step 2. After you’ve signed in, click on your profile picture and then click on “YouTube Studio beta.”


Step 3. You will land on a new page and you will see your live subscriber count at the top right part of the page under Channel Analytics.

Viewing your subscribers Count on Android

Step 1 Launch your YouTube app on your smartphone.



Step 2 If you haven't signed in, just sign-in to your account by tapping into the Account icon at the top right corner, and then by entering your Google’s email address and password and then tap on “Sign in”.


Step 3 : After logging into your account click on “Your Google accont icon“ at the top right corner of the screen. (in this case,its an icon of circle of purple color with letter ‘b‘ in it, as shown in the picture below)


Step 4 Click on “My Channel” in the drop-down menu, After which you will land on a new page, where you will see live count of your subscribers just under your name.


Viewing a subscribers count on iOS

Step 1 Open YouTube App.


Step 2 you will be prompted to sign-in into your Google account by taping on sign in with Google. Just enter your Google’s Email Id and password and then click on “Sign-in”.

Step 3 After you have signed-in in your Youtube account, Tap on your Profile icon you should see that in the top right corner of the screen.


Step 4  Tap on “My channel”, it's at the Left side of the page (Top-most Option). Tapping this option will open your channel’s page where you will see number of subscribers near the top-right corner of the page.


Viewing your live subscribers count

Step 1  Open your browser

Step 2  Go to .

Screenshot from 2018-09-30 06-46-30-min.png

Step 3 Under the drop-down menu click on “Live Subscribers count”.

Step 4 Enter the name of your channel

Step 5 Select your channel

Step 6 Click on “Live Subscribers count” to see your live subscribers

Screenshot from 2018-09-30 06-46-12-min.png

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